Curiosity (must not) kill the cat!

Curiosity is an interesting attribute for humans, many of our siblings in the wider family of Hominidae and in many other animal species as well. Curiosity may manifest in that an animal imitates a contestant’s strategy to gather food. But it may lead as well to utterly unnecessary, yet fun, activities like snow sledding crows [read more] or an exceptionally affectionate octopus in South Africa [read more].
So, while curiosity may not be exclusively reserved for us humans, it is an important stimulus for mankind to observe and learn and to finally yield a progressive innovation, both individually and as a society. In German “curiosity” translates as “Neugier” meaning “a longing for novelty”.
As a parent, we can be mindful to provide some kind of ‘design space’ for our kids to explore and try out (w/o getting killed) and nurture this asset.
At Rafinex we are curious as to how far we will innovate the world of engineering and design with our stochastic optimization approach.
Stay curious! [read more]

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