Speaking of “Creative Destruction”

TechCompanies are usually not shy in advocating an impetus of “disruption” from their genuine offering. We know the marketing speak and are curious whether soon “Quantum” will become the new “AI” 🥱 😴…
But something goes rather unnoticed in the public: on the battleground amongst TechCompanies, in a fierce Darwinist struggle, many of these self announced disruptors are biting the dust!
A study from Bain & Company (10/2020: source) shows the high dynamics of competition within the technology sector and demonstrates that any company falling behind industry average for little more than just a dozen quarters is very likely to disappear.

Looking at the list of the fifteen highest-valued technology companies worldwide since 1999 only four managed to stay on the top: Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and Oracle.
“This rate of creative destruction speaks directly to the vibrancy and capacity for innovation of the technology sector.”

So, preaching water and drinking wine won’t help the incumbants much. TechCompanies are forced to disrupt and innovate themselves constantly to stay competitive.

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