Counting to 10… Petaflops! MeluXina

Rafinex is proud to be part of this ambitious endeavor in Luxembourg: MeluXina!
Rafinex´s Research Scientist and resident FNR Fellow, Dr. Martin Řehoř, will be among the first to push the boundaries of the new EURO HPC supercomputer, which ranks among the TOP25 hardware globally. Martin’s research interests focus on developing preconditioning strategies for state-of-the-art non-Newtonian flow solvers in the context of large engineering applications using FEniCS ( in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg.
His project is funded by the FNR (The Luxembourg National Research Fund / Fonds National de la Recherche). Rafinex co-engagement will leverage these developments for our robust, scalable finite element analysis (FEA) solvers and stochastic optimization portfolio.
With a capacity of 10 Petaflops, MeluXina will provide an interesting scope of high-performance computing (HPC) at the Rafinex S.a.r.l. headquarters and beyond. The European initiative aims to make HPC accessible for large and small businesses or institutions alike. [read more]

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