Rafinex & Simmetrix Announce Long-Term Collaboration for CAD and Meshing

Rafinex and Simmetrix announce a long–term collaboration focusing on the integration of mesh generation for high quality meshes from large-scale CAD for multi-domain stochastic topology optimization and FEA validation. Starting with the newest release of Möbius SaaS offering in March, users have access to automatically translated and generated high quality meshes that exactly conform to the geometry in the original CAD and are fully associative, including sub-volumes. The new functionality was released 15th March 2023 and is accessible to all Möbius users via the cloud solution Möbius.

“With our newest implementation of this state-of-the-art meshing interface from Simmetrix, Rafinex is licensing several powerful & proven functions to leapfrog in productivity and the ease of use of our solution. In close cooperation with Simmetrix we have defined key functional aspects to be developed for the meshing and geometry cores. Simmetrix delivered in extreme agility and speed and we are certain that these new capabilities further improves the performance and openness of our solution.
André A.R. Wilmes – CEO of Rafinex

It has been a pleasure to work with the team of Rafinex. It is a nice example of like-minded experts moving fast to realize advanced technology and make it work effectively.”
Mark Beall – President of Simmetrix

Rafinex Möbius Software utilizes Simmetrix best-in-class CAD and Meshing algorithms.
Rafinex Möbius Software utilizes Simmetrix best-in-class CAD and Meshing algorithms.

About Rafinex
Rafinex is an innovative software company that is singularly dedicated to providing advanced numerical algorithms for robust design optimization. Rafinex goes beyond current market tools by accounting for real-life variability. This unique technology uses uncertainty quantification methods and considers manufacturability to effectively provide sustainability at scale. Rafinex’ Stochastic Topology Optimizer is provided as SaaS and has been recognized as a leading DeepTech product in the form of the Best Young Tech Enterprise at Hannover Messe 2019.

About Simmetrix
Simmetrix Inc. is a leading supplier of tools and techniques for Simulation-Based Design, incorporating advanced engineering analysis into the engineering design process. The company was founded in 1997. Headquarters for worldwide customers is in Clifton Park, New York, USA

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